Monday, December 30, 2013

Fall Colors finds a new home!

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Fall Colors
oil, 18 x 24

Happy New Year everyone! 
As we close out 2013
 I wish to thank you all... my family, friends and art lovers!
A special thanks to all of you have taken home of piece of my soul... 
I hope you enjoy the art as much I did while creating it. 

I hope your holidays were blessed and I send you warm and heartfelt New Years wishes!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Construction of a lowcountry angel!

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Lowcountry Angel
"Protector of Sand Dollars"
I had so much fun painting my angel. I had wanted to paint a Christmas card
again this year but time and indecision of what to paint got in my way!
I woke up in the middle of the night with the thought.... paint the angel!
The angel was in the box of older Christmas decorations that I had decided to donate and perhaps someone could put them to good use. She was in the box because the wreath she had been holding was long gone. She's been around for a while. 
But just before the drop off, I pulled her back, just couldn't do it. 
Then it occurred to me, glue one of fabulous, beautiful, big sand dollars that
I had picked up from Edisto Beach with my grand daughters.  I did and she has been resurrected in my home and is an angel once again. So just like an angel whispering in my ear, she said
paint me!
Every once in a while, I like to post the sequence of how I paint. It's always fun to see how it progresses and almost always, I feel that paintings go through a scary stage where I think, 
oh no, it's going to be a scrapper but if I just keep going, it usually comes together!
So, here she is beginning with a photo of her on my front porch. 
I saved an angel! How often can we say that!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Royal Tern Standoff" birds have flown to a new home!

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Royal Tern Standoff
has flown to a new home!
Good bye my little feather friends!
 Come back to visit your feather friends and family in Charleston!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sunset Palm Triptych by Rosie Phillips

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Sunset Palm Triptych
oil on 3 panels, 14 x 8
(4 x 8, 6 x 8, 4 x 8)

Thinking of warm days and evenings!
Even though it is not as cold in Charleston SC
as the rest of the country or world, it is still colder than what I like!
So, in hopes of warming up
I look at the warm sunset glow and I feel all better and warm!
I had painted a similar palm and sunset about a year ago but I decided to break this one up onto 3 panels that are hung besides each other with a little space in between each panel. A Triptych!
Now, don't you feel warmer?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

French Quarter Art Walk at Studio 151 Fine Art Gallery features 2 local authors!

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Christmas Poinsettia
oil 4 x 4

The December French Quarter Art Walk 
is December 6th from 5 to 8pm 
and why not start your tour of Charleston galleries 
at Studio 151 Fine Art Gallery located at 175 Church St.  

Come visit me at Studio 151 Fine Art Gallery at 175 Church 
and more of my artwork is also on display at the 
Charleston Artist Guild Gallery at 160 East Bay 
which is also open for the French Quarter Art Walk.

Enjoy some wine and nibbles all while 
viewing some wonderful ART and at Studio 151 Fine Art Gallery
you will be able to meet local authors and Seabrook residents 
Mary Glickman (Marching to Zion)
and John Reynolds (The Fight for Freedom).

Pictured are Ron Chamberlain (photographer), Mary Glickman, John Reynolds and Sandy Scott (artist)

Mary and John will make their books available for sale, and personalize each book for people who wish to buy one.  Mary Glickman is in the midst of a national release for Marching to Zion.  This book is the story of Minerva Fishbein and Magnus Bailey.  “It is a tale of passion, betrayal and redemption during an era in America when interracial love could not go unpunished.”  This is Mary’s 3rd novel.  Her first was “Home in the Morning”, followed by “One More River”.
John Reynolds book “The Fight for Freedom” is John’s personal story that takes him from a plantation in rural Alabama in 1965 (at age 18) to one of the major movements in American history, Civil Rights.  John’s compelling story takes you into the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, SCLC, inner workings. John worked alongside all the key members of the SCLC including Martin Luther King to achieve the desired results of civil rights for all.  

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sunset at White Point

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Sunset at White Point
oil on canvas
5 x 7 in 3" gold frame

A little GEM!
White Point is a beautiful corner of the lowcountry situated in Wadmalaw Sound
right where the Stono River meets up with the N Edisto River 
and just around the corner from Toogoodoo Creek.
On this little spit of land that comes off of White Point 
is a beachy area and a great little composition of palmetto trees and pine trees 
that reflect into the water and always showcases the beautiful sky. 
For more info on this painting

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Garden of Dreams Moves to Magnolia Plantation Carriage House

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Azaleas at Magnolia Plantation

The art exhibit
Garden of Dreams
sponsored by Charleston Artist Guild and Magnolia Plantation
moves to the 
Carriage House at Magnolia Plantation
3550 Ashley River Rd.
 The exhibit will close on Thurs, Nov 21 with a 
Closing and Awards Reception
5-7 pm

My painting in the exhibit has SOLD
Here is another painting inspired by Magnolia Plantation.
The Bridges of Magnolia Plantation
Not at the Carriage House exhibit

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Garden of Dreams at Magnolia Plantation

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I am pleased to announce that
Azaleas at Magnolia Plantation
has been accepted into the juried event
The Magnolia Plantation & Gardens
Garden of Dreams Art Exhibit
This exhibit will be in two locations with an 
Opening Reception on Nov 10
and an Awards Reception on Nov 21

for more info on this painting 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rosie at Charlotte Fine Art Gallery with The Blues Guy

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Last Friday, Nov 1 was the opening reception
at Charlotte Fine Art Gallery
in Charlotte NC.
Joni Purk and her staff did a great job at the reception!
The art was great for the juried exhibit of Urban Rhythms/City Lights.
And I was pleased to find out that my painting,
The Blues Guy
was sold! Yeah!
I hope that many more paintings will sell during the month of November at this exhibit.
Go by if you get an opportunity to see this great show.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! From Bella

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Now WHAT do I do with this thing?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rosie's oil painting, "The Blues Guy" at Charlotte Fine Art Gallery

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The Blues Guy
Has been accepted into 
Charlotte Fine Art Gallery's
Juried Exhibit
Urban Rhythms/City Lights
Opening Reception, Fri Nov 1, 6-9 pm 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Autumn Light on the Marsh

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Autumn Light on the Marsh
oil painting, 12 x 16

Autumn light is just spectacular everywhere
but I think it is especially so along the marshes and coastal areas.
Not only is it vibrant but muted, crisp but soft, substantial but ethereal.
It is truly a special time of year.
This oil painting depicts the autumn colors of the marsh grasses and the beautiful soft sky
that is so pleasing this time of year.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Updated Website, finally!

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It took me a while but here it is. The newly created with updated 
photos of art and information. The old website was very clunky,
not only for me to update but for you to look at.
Let me know what you think, I am always up for suggestions!
I created it using the program from Weebly. You can do it too!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Plein Aire paintings of Charleston

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I did 3 days of plein aire painting and came home with some great starts!
It's been years since I've painted on site, all prima and it was fun
but found that I still need the studio time to 
"get it right"!
None of the three paintings below really look like 
how they began. After lots of 
fine tuning, color adjusting,adding in and taking out.... 
they are finished.
All three are from different spots around Charleston.

 Charleston Harbor
oil, 9 x 12
I started to paint the sky, water and marsh with the pier to the right
and after the boats started coming out... well I had to start adding them in!
The wooden pier was changed from a cement type pier with work boats on it to a small
indiscript wood pier to add some character

 Captain Sam's Creek
oil, 9 x 12
There was a pier and dock in my view of this scene 
but I felt it took away from the marsh and winding creek, so it's gone!
The fun part of "artistic license"!

View from Shem Creek
oil, 8 x 10
I was out on the pier at Shem Creek, past all the shrimp boats where 
you can look across at Charleston Harbor. A few boats were in and out and then out she came! 
A big one! Three masts! All sails out! She definitely had to be part of the scene!

For more information on these
just visit my website at

Saturday, October 5, 2013

French Quarter Art Walk October 2013

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Charleston Artist Guild Gallery
French Quarter Art Walk
October 4, 2013

It was a great evening to be walking around, so much great art to see in the city!
I had every intention of taking photos at several of the galleries, especially
where my artwork is hanging but..... 
we had such a good time that this is the only one we remembered to do.

The newly installed shows on the peninsula will be on display during October.
Be sure to grab a French Quarter Art Association card with map and check it out yourself!
And be sure to stop at 
Charleston Artist Guild Gallery, 160 E Bay St
Studio 151 Fine Art Gallery, 175 Church St
and to the special exhibit
The People's Choice Exhibit at First Federal Bank, 34 Broad St
(be sure to vote for your favorite painting!)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

First Federal Bank, People's Choice Exhibition

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat
oil on canvas panel
8 x 25

Opening Reception, Oct 4, 2013, 6-8 pm
First Federal Bank
34 Broad St
Charleston, SC
View the best local art from the Lowcountry's finest artists!
Oct 3 - 16
Free during regular hours

In conjunction with the
French Quarter Art Association Art Walk
Friday, Oct 4, 5-8 pm
also, you can visit me at
Studio 151 Fine Art Gallery, 175 Church St
Charleston Artists Guild Gallery, 160 East Bay St

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blue Bottle

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Blue Bottle
oil on canvas
16 x 20

One of my old favorite blue bottles that I had a long time ago
hmmm.... wonder how the wine was?
And some fruit. A nice bright and bold composition and colors
to brighten any room. for more info

Monday, September 30, 2013

Through The Fog

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Through The Fog

Oil on canvas
11 x 14

I've been painting boats a lot lately. This one started out like some of the others 
BUT sometimes they just take on a life of their own!
As I was painting this sailboat, I envisioned an early morning mist or fog
with sailboats in the background and one beautiful red lady
stepping forward through the fog. for more info

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ACE Basin Autumn

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ACE Basin Winter
The ACE Basin is another special place here in the Charleston area. I always forget how big it is, but it's HUGE! A preserve that encompasses the boundaries of 3 rivers, all beginning with the letters A, C, and E.  Hubby and I go there for walks frequently and enjoy a peaceful time with nature which sometimes means: eagles, alligators, snakes and lots of birds. I'm sure there are many more critters but these are the ones we have encountered!  There is also an old plantation home there, 
Grove Plantation. One day, I will paint it. 

This painting is actually a redo. I painted it earlier this year and was not quite happy with it, so I pulled it and in a little bit of time, was able to give it the look I had wanted to begin with.  
I had also intended to participate in the 30 day challenge in September and it is now day 10 and just getting started.  Story of my life! Messed up priorities! What other excuse can I come up with? 

The Bridges of Magnolia Plantation

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The Bridges of Magnolia Plantation
oil on canvas panel

Magnolia Plantation is one of the very special treasures of the Charleston area.
Beautiful gardens, home, bridges..... It has a little bit of everything that says
This painting is a marriage of 3 photos I took of 3 different places
on the grounds.  It has the recognizable bridges that say Magnolia Plantation, 
beautiful creeks coming from the Ashley River, swamps, cyrpress trees with their knobby knees, azaleas, palmettos...
Definitely the lowcountry!

For more info, email me at
or visit the painting on

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sunrise Serenity

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Sunrise Serenity
oil on panel, 12 x 16
for more info, email me!

Love the sunrise color that has just taken over the sky and water 
morphing it all into 1 canvas! Two sailboats at anchor soaking
in the sunrise in pure serenity. Ahhhh.......

Serenity SOLD!
oil on panel, 8 x 8
Sorry, didn't get a chance to photograph that one! 
Similar but smaller and only 1 boat.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Watching The Sunset

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Watching The Sunset
oil on canvas
Charleston Artist Guild Gallery

Friday, August 23, 2013

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat!
Oil on panel
8 x 24

This is my latest painting and yes, am working on another.  Not too much painting going on this summer.  So I am ready to get back to work in my studio and start the painting frenzy again.
I do believe that when I am in a painting frenzy, I do paint better!
So I will be joining in the 30 day painting challenge to get me geared up and into a frenzy. 
Row, Row, Row Your Boat is from a photo I took many years ago while visiting a little seaside town. These lovely little boats all lined up right next to some huge yachts. Of course, these little cuties caught my eye. So, what took me so long to paint them?  Just found the photo again and said, 
"Oh yeah. I've wanted to paint this since we were there!"  
Someday finally came. 
This is a palette knife painting I did with a few little brush strokes here and there. 
Still working on adding it to the website so in the mean while, for more info, just email me!
Thanks and look for more new and exciting work from me while in my "frenzy"!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rosie recommends!!!! James Pratt Online Palette Knife Painting Academy

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Today, I am featuring my good friend and fellow artist, James Pratt 
as he is offering some great tools for all of us artists and/ or wanna be artists! 
This is where to start or get a little booster!

has launched! After many months of hard work with James at the easel
and myself recording and recording and then editing and editing and then..... 
well, it was a learning process for us both but it seems to have taken off
to a great start despite the fact that we just recently launched the site where all the 
video trailers are posted. Click on the site above or you can also get to it by visiting 
James' website at and click on Online Academy.

Currently, he is offering the Basics of Palette Knife Painting and as a free gift to you
also the Painting a Terra Cotta Flower Pot video lesson. He has 3 others at this time with more in the works (as we speak). They are great, affordable, and fun! 

Have you ever wanted to try palette knife painting?  Well, this is your chance to get your feet wet..... 
or dip your palette knife into some juicy luscious paint!
He takes you step by step with a video demo and some written information with everything you need to know.  And if that just wets your appetite for more, you could always come to visit him in S Carolina for one of his workshops. But this is a great way to start and learn the basics.  And did I say affordable???  Take a look!  Tell me what you think!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

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Main Street USA

Happy 4th of July everyone!
Like you, I've been busy this summer.  Where has it gone?
I've had a busy time with the grand kids and friends, a new computer to chew up a lot of time, and....
And here we are, celebrating Independence Day!
I wish you a happy and safe celebration with your family and friends!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Opening Reception for McDowell Art Center, Matthews NC

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Turtle by Russell
My newest art purchase! Can't wait to get it home!
The McDowell Art Center, Matthews, NC

Russel pictured with us at the opening reception.
I took the girls with me to the reception and a great time was had by all. 
The very talented students had a great time visiting with the girls, discussing camp, their paintings and colors!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sundown Poetry Series Reception during Spoleto

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 Studio 151 Fine Art Gallery, 175 Church St, Charleston
had a FULL HOUSE on the eve of May 29 when we hosted the reception
for Edward Gold after his poetry reading at Dock Street Theatre 
as part of the Spoleto events.  A little wine, a little food, some poetry books being sold,
lots of great art to view on this warm and beautiful evening in the lowcountry!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

To "watermark" paintings on the web.... or not?

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Watching The Sunset
Oil on canvas
Palette Knife Painting

Part of our marketing process is posting images of our artwork. But many artists are worried 
about their art being "stolen". It happens a lot and hopefully not so that someone can print off 
a print and pirate it. I would think it's ok to copy an image if you (an artist) would like to keep a sample of other artists work for reference or as a learning tool.  We, as artists are generally very sharing about that. That can be done watermarked or not. 
So.....the question remains. 
Do we, as artists, plant a watermarked notice on our image so that it
can't be copied for printing purposes or do we just hope that the image
is poor enough quality that it just won't work? 
What are your thoughts? As an artist? As an art collector?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Main Street USA, Rosie Phillips is at Studio 151 Fine Art Gallery

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Main Street USA

Happy Memorial Day!
Stop by Studio 151 Fine Art Gallery at 175 Church St, Charleston!
I'll be there. Lots of great art to take home with you!
Honor our lost loved ones today....and always 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rosie will be at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery on Friday evening

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Sunset at Oyster Creek
Oil on canvas

I will be at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery on Friday evening!
Come by and visit all the great art!
Oh, and say HI to me!
It is opening weekend of Piccolo Spoleto here in Charleston
so it should be a fun evening to be out. 
Lots of great food, music and ART!

160 East Bay Street, Charleston

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Step by Step Demo for The Blues Guy by Rosie

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 THE BLUES GUY, Oil on canvas, Click here for purchase info

 The 1st photo I took was after doing a first pass at his skin tones, facial features and hat.

I then added the sax

 Then onto his clothing, always
paying attention to where the light is coming from.

More clothing added keeping the light and shadows in check

 Then I had to go back in and correct the skin tones once the clothing was set.
I felt the back ground needed to show the light and shadow areas as well instead of what was in the original photo, as is shown below. This is a photo I took about 2 years ago and have been thinking about painting since then! Once I started it, it just flowed!