Saturday, September 18, 2010

Carolina Girl!

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Our move to Charleston, South Carolina has finally happened! Sorry for not posting in the last 2 months but I have been a bit preoccupied! We are settled into a lovely small 2 bedroom apartment (I am lying about the lovely part but it sounds better) and most of our furniture is in 2 huge storage rooms. It will require a puzzle master to unlock the careful pieces of everything in storage! Think what happens when you open the Tupperware cabinet! So, no updating on the web site, no blogging, no painting but definitely lots of moving, lifting, organizing, and as you can see from the photos, lots of yard work, fishing and boating to do! There is grass on the property but it has pretty much gone to seed and poison ivy so that has been a continuous battle which has included taking Bruce to emergency care for cortisone shots and me having a terrible eye allergic reaction to the beautiful Spanish moss hanging on the live oak trees! Yep, never a dull moment! Speaking of live oak trees, we have 23 grand live oaks on the property which is causing quite a challenge for the us and the architect on designing the house. We are now making progress though. The dock construction has begun this week which will make going out on the boat easier. The beach is about 30 minutes away and we try to go weekly. Not that it is an effort to go, it is just that we have so much work to do there that we purposely schedule beach times, to give us a break from the work but also to enjoy the reason why we moved here! The latest rash of hurricanes have got us a bit "puckered" but since we have both lived in the Gulf coast most of our lives, we are bit used to that and we purposely chose Charleston's location and our property is 10 miles (as the crow flies) from the ocean, we should be in good shape unless..... well, let's hope that the one they say is due does not come.
In the mean while, as we get settled into our new life, we will get our house built, make new friends, keep our old cherished friends, and start painting again.