Friday, November 2, 2012

Robert Genn Twice Weekly Newsletter

Pin It To my artist friends or collectors interested in the daily life of an artist, I am passing on this link to  
Robert Genn's Twice Weekly Newsletter.
I have found most of the articles to be inspiring but mostly have found that I am not alone in my thoughts, concerns, fears, trials, successes in the art world as a business or lively hood!
It is geared to all "creative people"; artists, photographers, sculptors, collectors, etc.... 
Today's article hits home to many different types of people. Even someone in their mid life, later life reinvention of them selves,  "fear" can keep you from succeeding.  Many are procrastinators in doing what they want in life. What's the Nike motto?  Just do it! 
Well, if you want, take a peak at today's letter and if you want, you can subscribe to the Twice Weekly Letters.  Also take a look at his website, if you creative folks out there aren't familiar with it. Lots of good stuff there!!! 

Click on this link for today's letter

Click on this link for The Painter's Key website