Sunday, January 3, 2016

Latest Toogoodoo 365 paintings by Rosie Phillips

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Happy New Year!
Yes, a few days late but.... 
still, I would like to wish my family and friends
great happenings, love and happiness for them in 2016!
2016! Wow! When did that happen?  Time flies, doesn't it?
Bruce and I enjoyed having our children and their families here for both
Thanksgiving and Christmas. What a joy that is. Our little grand daughters
are so grown up now. We are so proud of them and know that they have so much
to look forward to in the coming year and their lives. They are such a blessing to us. 
So, I didn't get to paint much in December, I did do a few (ok, 4) of my small
Toogoodoo 365 paintings including New Year's Eve day.
As we get back to our normal routines, I am back to painting, though I'd rather be with the kids!
 So, I'm on a roll! 3 in a row! And I've started a larger boat painting and can't wait to get back
to that one today! Of course, AFTER I paint a Toogoodoo 365 one first!
Thank you all for being a part of our lives and for those of you following my art, I am grateful to you.

January 2, 2016, 1st Cold Day of The Year

            January 1, 2016 , Red Roof Dock

December 31, 2015, New Year's Eve Day

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